Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Losing Life

So there's a reason that I've been thinking so much about hope the last few days, I've come to the realization that life is full of losses and gains.
To say it accurately I probably first recognized it a few years ago when I experienced the first period of condensed, significant loss. The experiences back then left me in a pretty dark place but as I've been told and personally discovered, I learn from the things that happen so as to avoid the same mistakes in the future.
Making mistakes is unavoidable and I wouldn't want to avoid them but making exactly the same mistakes is foolish but I'm no fool.
Loss isn't always the result of mistakes though, some times they are the result of the fallen nature in which we all exist.
Whatever the cause, loss is something we all have to know how to manage.
But then comes the x factor that is Jesus. More after the jump!
A major part of the message of the Bible is following Jesus, denying self. Losing dreams and desires that come from the rotting corpse that is our state at birth. But it is loss that results in gain, after some time.
I'm not the type to sugar coat things - I leave that for all the people who try to avoid and ignore reality. It's frustratingly difficult to know on a specific level what Jesus would have us do. A year removed from high school I want to study the Bible and know Him better so I went to a Bible school for 2 years followed by another 2 years at a ministry training school which I was convinced was the place for me to be at the time. Years removed from each institution and I still think I was right in going that route, yet have used the education very sparingly, annoyingly little, in fact. I have 30 - 50 more years where the knowledge could come into play but nothing significant to this point.
So when I think of going back to school I'm hesitant cause I don't want to waste more money, yet I know that things will change and I may need education to proceed in my life. Things will be lost but things will be gained as well on the journey.
Some times it takes the losing to propel us the bigger and better things that God has in mind for us. Losing to gain. It's painful and scary but that's why it's important to hold onto Jesus, remember the hope that He provides us. Remember that He is in control and not doubt that when things are lost, it will be for our benefit, so long as we continue following Him. Those who don't follow Him will lose as well, as much as their eternity, if they never repent but He wants the best for them as well. That's true love!
So don't shy away from the things in life that can and will be lost. Turn to Jesus, see how He's working it out and when it becomes clear, praise Him.
The costs are not nearly as high as the gains but losing is a part of life that we have to come to grips with.
That sentence sums it up I think, so I'm going to leave it at that!