Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fundamental differences

To say I've always been different is an understatement but is also very accurate. Coming from a very athletic and sports heavy family, my interest for the early part of my life was limited to the games that my siblings were in and on a limited basis on that. I got into Boy Scouts and theater instead.
Most people I grew up around liked to do things, liked to have people around. I've pretty much always like smaller groups, if having other people around at all. I'm fine just kicking back by myself and watching tv.
Those are a couple small examples but yeah, I'm different - by choice and just as fact.
As I've gotten older it's fundamentally changed though. I'll explain what I mean after the jump.
I've technically been an adult for almost 2 years now. At least as far insurances and stuff are concerned. Other aspects of adulthood were afforded me at my 21st or 18th birthday's. Thing is, I still regard the notion of adulthood as a technicality. I know plenty of people who have taken more advantage of the age related "benefits" of being an "adult" in one night then I have over my nearly 28 years. Those are their make regardless of perspective.
Co-workers and friends talk about the activities I engage in, I rarely have much to add but try hard not to be all "churchy." Jesus calls for people to repent and did go toe to toe with people on several subjects but always for their best, for the best outcome eternally. Even in the sporadic times when I'm at a bar with people who are engaging in certain behaviors I just stay true to who I am.
I've heard plenty of stories over the years of people who folded to pressure and desire to be fit in. I'm not going to pretend like that could never happen to me but I kind of don't think it will in the future.
Enduring the pressure of friends and co-workers is kind of a proving fire for how things are going to go.
Luckily for me, I care very little for the opinions, goals and plans of others. I can go and do plenty of the same things as my peers but when it comes to doing things that are flat out sins I don't compromise on it, under the pressure of others. Do I sin some times? Yes. Regrettably. But the point I'm making is that I'm fundamentally different then so many of the people that are in my orbit.
Because of Jesus. I credit it significantly to the transformation that has happened through my time in the Bible schools.
Even when I was at my worst all I really did was ignore God. I didn't pretend He didn't exist. Didn't try to sabotage people of Faith. Just did my own thing. But I came back, because transformation is permanent. So while it's lonely and rarely the easiest way to live I will continue to be fundamentally different then this world that I am a tiny part of.  By choice and as a fact, that's how it is and that's how it's always been for me! Almost like someone is in control and has made it that way, because Yaweh did.
Even beyond things that fall into the right and wrong segment, I just generally tend to go opposite of how things are. People try to talk safety, I don't think there is such a thing. People make such a big deal about what famous people say and do, I don't care a bit and think, in a growing measure, that it's stupid that their actions and opinions matter more. Bingeing on tv shows is a big deal these days, I'd still rather sit down and watch the shows when they air or on hulu within a couple days, instead of waiting months or years to get through seasons in a days/weeks.  So many people want to have the latest and greatest of technology, I just want to have nice things, that work well, for as long as they continue to work. So yeah, being different is kind of a big thing in my life and I like it.
Don't be afraid to be different. Be afraid to be the same as this world!
Be different. Be who God wants you to be!