Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Shifting sand

I doubt I am, but I may be the only one who has noticed that everyone, every thing is subject to popular opinion.
A tweet, a speech, an article, can change what people, companies, even governments, choose to do.
The shifting sand of opinions, it's a dangerous thing. Letting an angry mob of opinions run things only compounds the danger.
In this age few things refuse to compromise, to not let the assault of the angry change what is thought, said and done.
No big mystery what I'm going to focus on after the jump but I'll let whatever amount of surprise there is be for after the jump.

As hinted, the Church...Jesus does not compromise to modern mood. I won't ignore that some word order or word choices have changed over time but the message is the message. The core principles remain the same since the beginning. Homosexuality is a sin. Lying is a sin. Theft is a sin. Adultery, murder, jealousy, disobedience of parents, to name a few. I'm not guiltless when my whole life is considered but I have been forgiven and do seek to live by the precepts of the Bible.
"Modern" life and people want everything to be "equal." They ignore the murderous nature of Islam but crucify Christians as often as possible.
It's a shifting sand of little people who have malice in their hearts. Who want nothing other then their own way. I get the temptation, the selfishness but it's not the way to live.
More than that though, it's sad how frail and afraid people, companies, and governments are of the opinions of people. I'm not justifying it as the end all, be all or even the best way but I definitely see the benefit of just not caring what people think or have to say about me. Abuse me; hate me, I'm not changing for anyone else. Not for the shifting sand of people's opinions. No one should. It's a doom race with a restart potentially every day. Not worth it!
The Bible is. What it says is. What it is says won't change. Jesus is the savior. He's the one who's opinion....truth matters. And because of Him we can be adopted. Brothers and sisters in the heavenly family. Loved. Respected. Cared for. Christianity doesn't make things easier, but it makes things better. It won't change for popular opinion, nor should it! AMEN