Sunday, March 1, 2015

Strong enough

I had this thought a week ago but haven't gotten around to get my thoughts out until now.
A simple yet profound truth. Pretty universally agreed upon by everyone, even those who disagree wildly upon specifics.
What is such a thing, you may ask?
You'll have to hit the link to find out!

So, what is this thing? Is it a person? No.
Place? Nadda
Thing? Certainly not
Idea? Kind of

Ok, enough stalling.
Truth is the strongest thing there is. Every person, regardless of all varying factors, has perspective on "truth." 2 primary entities have long histories of detailing truth.
One talks about slaughtering heathens and promises a certain paradise depending on how a person lives
Another does include some historical stories of people following God's command and going to war with pagans but weaved through the standard text is also instruction to Love all people and a savior who willingly took responsibility for all our sins so that we could have relationship and eternity with Him.
2 examples of how "truth" varies. There are many others but the core principle holds, that truth is bigger and stronger then us. It defines who we are, how we live.

Now onto the heart of this one. It's going to be what is now considered controversial and offensive but here goes.
Last week Sunday I got another reminder of how the LGBT group needs everyone to accept their way of living. Through every sort of media there agenda is dumped on us and any disagreement brings social crucifixion.
Make no mistake, I disagree. Sin is Sin. When the Bible is clear on things we need to follow it and despite what some would like to think and say, the Bible is pretty clear on the issue.
So this is where it comes down.
The Bible
Are able to survive the ages and all the questions and sustain those who follow it. While the avalanche of pressure that comes down on us by those who have an agenda is nearly impossible to handle alone or at various times but it does little to nothing to the Truth.
God is unaffected by the storms that people brew up. He is strong enough to not be shaken by them at all. That strength is what we need if and WHEN tough choices are made to go against the stream of society. Without it we don't have a chance.
So battles will be lost. Hope will seem to be lost with each one but God already has the victory and He has the strength required to press on. I kind of want to be keep repeating it as many different ways as I can because it's that important but my point is made and I'm not that egomaniacal :-D