Monday, March 9, 2015


I might be alone in this, though I doubt it, but some times I have a thought that just changes my perspective so drastically. Well that happened again a few days ago I was watching a certain video, which I intend to link in the main part of this post and it started me quite a chain of thoughts, also which I will discuss after the jump.

So without further adieu
As I mentioned on Saturday I was watching a video:

Well shortly thereafter I went to get some lunch before work. While driving I began to ponder Resurrection and the virgin birth. In my opinion those are two of the biggest, if not THE biggest, miracles recorded in Scripture. Then a thought that I had never thought before struck me and I don't think I'd ever heard this either but I could be wrong on that.
These miracles, these completely unnatural phenomena were discredited and ignored by the religious leaders of that day. The ones who were tasked with leading the people to truth just wanted to live their "righteous" way and didn't let the masses know IT.
In our day who are the ones who want to ignore and discredit the same truths?
I have to generalize for a moment, so forgive me, but it's the Atheist. Not exclusively the ones who carry the unburning torch but all people who live in contradiction to God. The atheists.
That's not what got me so enflamed with grief. I can't explain why the thought, which I still haven't stated, affected as much as it did but it did. I was on the verge of weeping and if I hadn't been driving at the time I probably would have broken down into a total mess.
Well here's the thought: the most religious people of our day are these atheists.
Now I know that being called religious has a stigma in many circles but that's largely because of misunderstanding and a desire of "freedom."
These people read the same stories, see all the signs in the creation and choose to ignore it.
I guess that's why I was sad.
Because it is a tragedy. Instead of choosing the self sacrifice they would rather walk straight into the lonely abyss. Eternity apart from the Creator.
I have no solution for it.
It sucks.
And it doesn't make sense to me why make that choice but it's made nonetheless.
But time isn't up yet. The chances haven't been used up. That's marvelous.
It seems impossible that ones who are so stubbornly choosing that path would divert to the narrow road the one who fulfilled the prophesies. The one who lives today and wants relationship with us isn't too bothered by "impossible." That's  marvelous!
I feel as though there is more for me to say but right now the words escape me so I will resist the urge to ramble.
The creator is a marvelous God and because of who He is we all should more urgently endeavor to reach the religious ones in the age.