Monday, February 16, 2015


So this one hit me between the eyes yesterday. It took me a day to get to writing it because I was watching "The Walking Dead" last night and had work today but thankfully I had enough common sense to make note of the topic so that I wouldn't forget, because writing helps me to remember the thoughts.

So is that enough of an introduction? Maybe not but I'm going to roll with it!

As I already said, the inspirational thought hit me last night. Not when I was sitting and thinking about things or having a conversation with a random someone with whom I am regularly connected with these days or even when I was starring out the window in the beautiful snowy night. Nope, none of those potentially inspirational happenings. It was while I was in the drive through at Taco Johns. Yeah, that's how I roll! haha
Ok but "miracles" you might say, that's a curious topic and has a bunch of different understandings. What really got me thinking about it is that I randomly got connected with a gal from Alabama who lives in Thailand. It's perplexing and funny to me because we have some mutual connections and if I would have gone to Thailand a couple of years ago there is a good chance that I would have met her over there. So that's kind of a miracle and I'm wondering what it's all for. May never know, but I ponder things - obviously, read the title!
But ok I've been thinking about that for a few days. Is that enough for me to write about? Kind of but only kind of. There was something else that really pushed me to putting a post out there, while I was in the drive through at Taco Johns.
So what could it be? It's February in North Dakota. Bad drivers? no. Roads? no. cold? no. I could probably extrapolate miracle from those things but no.
Now since I've been talking with this Bama, snow and cold do come up in conversation regularly. So as I've experienced with many true southerners, snow and cold are like the Pox or something. Just a super deterrent. I don't blame em too much, it takes special types of people to survive in these winters. What is misunderstood is that each year, for months out of the year, we are treated to millions, and probably billions actually, of miracles. Those little frozen droplets of water are each and every one unique. Alright so that may seem preposterous to those in the rest of the world but here's some proof.
So think about it, billions of frozen crystals all over the world. That's KIND OF a miracle and I say kind of sarcastically. It's a testament to God. I've viewed snow that way for years. People could chalk it up to randomness but straight up, that's dumb. Snow is a testament to the creative genius of Jesus.
Three periods, for emphasis.
So while I was sitting in the drive through line, waiting for my food I was just starring out the window and appreciating the magnificence of the snow as they landed on my windows.
So yes, in the simplest of things we can and should identify the miracles that are around and glorify God for allowing us to experience them!