Thursday, June 20, 2013

See & (re)spond

Earlier today I was putting in a little time sanding down the top of the coffee table that I'm restoring. To the west, at least I think it was the west, the sky was getting ominously dark. A normal precursor to a storm & not unexpected because the weather forecast for the day was rain. Add a drastic change in the temperature & it was pretty obvious to me what was going to be happening in the evening.
Well my the signs were right. Every 10 minutes there is a warning message scrolling on the tv & the weather is getting funky outside.
But it got me thinking, are there signs every day of things just as foreboding?
Maybe I'm getting into a rut because this is my third recent post about drastic & bad things possibly happening in the future & possibly soon.  This one is just as much about perspective though. The Church needs to take the lead again. We have become far too complacent copy-catting things that are done by the secular community. In order to get back out in front we need to watch. When we have observations or ideas we need to act.
And yes I do mean getting radical about it. Not destructive or hateful but persistent, strong.
If we continue to hide our eyes or refuse to act when things become obvious then we are truly a conglomerate of fools. I usually dream big & think that way most of the time but recently I was reading a book & one key point stuck out to me which applies to this. That if not for the seemingly insignificant choice of a single man to end his career as a carpenter & start traveling, & teaching the truth there wouldn't be the system of religion now known as Christianity. So don't discount a small decision, because the right ones will multiply. But big, small or tiny choose to act when you see something on the horizon. Who knows, maybe it will be the latest ripple to alter the course of history!