Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I may never fully understand how my mind works but I know enough to just go with it when it works. The other day I was at work & in passing I was a young lady wearing a christian t-shirt. I immediately began thinking about the reasons behind it.

I've done the whole christian apparel bit in the past & get it to an extent. But in this case I'm gonna play the roll of an opponent.
In regards to the aspect of supporting "christian" businesses, well that's fairly bogus. While I think it's great for a business to have solid morals in the dna of the company the ultimate purpose of a company is to make money, which is a completely secular purpose. So in reality there is no such thing as a Christian business. The closest thing is a business that has the principles & may do certain Christian activities.
At the time though, what I was thinking about was how so many people are willing to rep the gear but so few actually represent JESUS in their daily lives & choices. It's easy to wear a shirt or have a bumper sticker on the ride but when so few people actually evangelize it's a misnomer. I'm not surprised about it because we are such a product of this degenerating culture but we need to wake up to the reality, need to think about what we do, not just do stuff.
I'm not gonna just ramble on about it but really we need to represent Jesus in our daily lives. The way we speak, the desires we have, the choices we make. What we wear is a part of that but it can't be the only thing that shows that we belong to Jesus. Yeah it's a simple point & I may have already beat it to death. If I don't end now I definitely will so hopefully I got the point across & away we go.