Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Through the senses

As I was driving to the library this morning for another long stretch in the wi-fi bubble looking at job openings, filling out applications, a little bit of follow up, among other things to fill the time, I was struck by a thought.
There is so much to be pleased & happy about in life. The sun was shining through my window. That's all that triggered the thought. Really though, it's got me thinking about all the positive things that I have going for me.
Because it's easiest for me to process thoughts into words while I'm writing, I decided to put em down in another post - below the jump as always.
Learning things about God that I couldn't ever learn in a classroom
A great family
Getting extra time with the ones I love during days that matter
Getting the opportunity to reconnect with old friends
At 24 yrs old already having done certain things that some people will never get to do
Freedom to decide what I get to do each day & talents to do them
A comfortable bed
A car that runs
Some of the stuff might be trivial and some obvious things may have been over looked but I guess the point is about perspective. That perception is an important thing to be aware of - how we see things, what we hear & pay attention to really determines attitude.
Like honestly, it's depressing that I haven't gotten anything going for work yet, there's things in life which could really make the whole thing go pear shaped but perspective. Paying attention to what I'm paying attention to. What I am focusing on. It matters.