Monday, September 24, 2012


So I had good news.

Crazy unexpected & good news!

If you're reading this you know that my trip didn't go this year. Well, one of the biggest kickers with it was that I had just purchased the airfare a few days prior to the decision being made to not go. The ticket ran me just under $1,050, which was most of what I had set aside for the trip.

After going through the process of filing a claim with the insurance company that was supposed to be covering my purchase I found out that the reasoning didn't fall under their specified coverage.

After reviewing what I could from them I didn't really see that in the agreement or any of their documentation. Frustrating!

This all happened a few weeks ago. I was feeling pretty helpless with the whole situation until I had an idea the other night, to see if I could get credit for future travel. I wasn't very optimistic but mild desperation limited my options.I had the idea over the weekend so I had to wait til today to see what could be done.

So as soon as I woke up this morning I started working the phone. Calling all kinds of different 1-800 numbers. Each company pointed me to another and it became more visible that I was going to get shafted again.

At least I was trying.

Well after a lot of rigamoro & time spent on the phone I was finally connected with a customer service rep for Priceline.

Like I said, all the indications I was getting were discouraging but I was going to quit til I got a final answer & possibly til I got the answer I wanted. It's hard to say how long I would have kept trying if things kept rolling pear shaped.

But that's where things got good. Just when despair was starting to play on me about it I cried out to God. Just that something would go my way. That something good would happen. Well it did!

I was on the phone with the CSR for only a few minutes but after reviewing the situation I was in he said that I would be able to get a refund of the total amount - $150 as a service fee. Which means I should be getting just under $900 back in my account this week.

Obviously things can still fall through, but I have a cancellation number & if the money isn't in my account by the end of the week I'll have to hop on the phone again.

It shouldn't have happened. I'm sure of that. I had no option other then what I did. Sure I did all the calling & the leg work on it but if I wouldn't have cried out to Him I don't think I would have gotten the money back. He deserves the praise. Glory.

I'll update in a few days when the deals gone through! :-u