Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The new age, sort of

As with all my posts, I like to monitor reader counts so I always insert the jump. This is just a little blurb about a couple steps into the modern world that I've recently taken.

As I said, I have taken a couple steps in social media & communication over the last few days and just thought I would post about it. The middle of last week I finally got my act together & downloaded Skype onto my new macbook. I'm not going to give out my username on here, but if you are reading this you probably have some other contact info from me so please use that if you are at all interested!
I also just created a twitter account. The amount of usage that it gets will depend on whether I get a smart phone or some other form of mobile internet usable technology. My name on there is "days of a disciple"
Both will be beneficial to me as I do my traveling & want to do a more broad scope of communicating back to people. So like I said, email/text/call me if you want my Skype name or look me up on Twitter (for the future)
Thanks for checking! An update on internship should be coming soon.