Sunday, August 5, 2012


So let me start by doing an intro to my intro. I have three posts stirring on my heart right now & will do my best to keep them separate but may intertwine 2 of them. If I do make some connections between them I hope that they make sense! Comments would be appreciated!
What I am going to address here is what I consider a flaw in thought that I've heard many times, sometimes from people I respect & agree with, more often with people that I don't, so I dismiss it. But I keep hearing people talk about people who believe in Jesus...claim to, only God knows the heart but actions do reveal much, but are still going to hell.
I will go into more detail after the jump

I don't disagree with the principle because beyond believing must be following. Many "christians" don't follow Jesus's teachings or the principles laid out in scripture - higher criticism garbage. What I do disagree with is the scripture passage that is often...far too often in my estimation used to support the claim.
James 2:19
"You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder!"
The context of that passage is having faith without works. Which is cool because I had realized that before I ever looked into the passage. See, the problem is that demons are damned. Their destiny's have been sealed. They have no possible way of joining the righteous & the angelic host in glorifying God for eternity.
This gets into predestination & all that theology but as I read scripture & learn about God's character & heart I see that He doesn't desire that any should be lost but that all would come to the knowledge of God. ALL. By talking about people's belief & comparing them to demons is subconsciously writing them off for eternity. That's a scary thought!
I struggle with taking the judge's seat on things I see in my life & in the lives of people around me. I still believe there is a place for "judgment" of self & others. But not for eternity. Jesus came. Served as the hope for all the nations. HOPE. Talking about people in relation to demons leaves no hope whatsoever!
People need Jesus. People need to follow Him. To cast the outsiders into the same mass of despair & darkness as the demons exist in is not acceptable! They...we, need to follow Jesus. But it starts with belief. There are hard & fast principles related to that but it needs to start with belief.