Thursday, August 23, 2012

A New Direction

Things have changed. Take the jump to read up.
It's all still settling in, a new direction for my life has come about very suddenly.
The plan for the last 2 years was to go on internship. For the last 8 months the intentions have been earnest & the process largely fulfilled.
There have been modifications to the plan since I started on the road to it, but now I've hit a detour. After meeting with the leadership of the school it was decided that internship is not in my best interest at this time.
For now I have returned home. The change of scenery is very good after spending the last 4 years in the cities. I'm gonna reconnect with friends, find work, just enjoy a new season that the Lord is bringing me into. From this point forward, I want to express to each of my supporters how appreciative I am for you.
Financially I have seen generosity that has repeatedly humbled me & shown God's favor to me. Thank you for every cent that has been given.
At this point, I'm hopeful that I will be able to participate in the internship a year from now. The money that has been donated will be held for me until that point but cannot be refunded now or later.
Beyond the money that has been given I know there are many people across the Midwest & across the country that have been praying for me. Thanks to each of you for every prayer offered on my behalf.
As I am transitioning into this new season I am asking for your continued prayer. I will continue to update this regularly with prayer requests, in addition to the normal postings, so please continue checking.
For now my direction has changed but in that change I will continue remembering all the people that have supported me through these last few months & over the years of my life. Thank you for your love & support.