Friday, October 28, 2011

An exciting time, part one!

Well that title is certainly an understatement. God is moving, opening doors and good things keep happening. Because of all the details I am going to break this one up into at least two parts.
If you want to read about it just take the jump!
It started Tuesday. One of the ministry interns had the vision to do something different for our fasting chapel. They had us all line up, guys with guys and ladies with ladies. Then we were told to shut our eyes and start walking...
It was definitely a challenge trying to hold onto the guy in front of me without losing contact with the guy behind me, especially without being able to see! ahha, after taking us around for a while we were lead into the basement of one of the buildings. The guys were put in one end of a storage room and told to sit on the ground and stay quiet. It was only for a few minutes but it was a challenge. Then the ladies were brought in and another couple minutes passed. Me and another of the sophomore guys were the first ones called out.
We started walking, again not being able to see and were taken to a different room. shortly after a couple of the ladies were brought in. Well people kept getting brought in for the next 40 or so minutes.
In the natural realm it was a lame exercise in trying to glimpse the reality of being a captive and martyr but no one was taking it for the surface level natural aspect. Most of the hour and a half that we spent in there was used for prayer and praise. No guitar, no djembe, just voices...and the Spirit. It can't be expressed in words exactly what happened in that room, except to say that pretense went away and something pure was released.
The Lord is crying out for His bride to be refined to a state of purity that He deserves her to be in and we were able to catch a glimpse of if during that afternoon.
But then comes the reality of translating an experience time into the daily walk. Well the three things that I see from the chapel time are 1) slightly more aware of the trials of martyrs 2) more bonding between the students of the school in general and between the sophomore guys specifically and 3) the reality of the battle that we are in, and the need to fight.
Spiritual warfare has been going on this week and only promises to increase as we draw closer to Jesus. Responses to the battle vary, but God's call to us is clear and that's always very helpful. I look forward to more attacks from the enemy so that I can grow in the areas of my weakness and give God more praise and glory!

Part two will go up over the weekend...probably sunday because I will be on the cross walk all day tomorrow - pray for me about; patience, love, wisdom - anything else that the Spirit inspires you to lift up!