Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Man, I've been so busy these last few weeks. I am trying to find time to keep this thing up to date, but it isn't working out too well for me lately.
The prayer movement on campus is starting up and dang it's pretty crazy already. On friday night there was an all night prayer time for the Muslim's as they are wrapping up Ramadan. It was cool because they call it the night of power where they believe that there prayers are like 10,000x more effective then every other day of the week, so for us to seek Jesus for them was powerful.
Then last night there ended up being a semi-spontaneous three hour prayer time in the student lounge. My foot got healed which was pretty tight! Ok yeah I should probably explain that.
Last weekend I was playing ultimate frisbee and ended up hurting my foot. The only way I can equate to where it makes some understandable sense is to say that I essentially ran full speed and a kicked a wall barefoot. So yeah, my foots been in pretty rough shape this week but that isn't a concern anymore!
Anyways, we start morning prayer time tomorrow, 6 am, I'm not excited about getting up that early but it will be worth it so I will deal with the tiredness.

Yeah I also found that my campus work placement this year is on the cleaning crew. It's not the most exciting thing, but it gives me variety and allows me to be social while I work which is a major positive change from the press last year.

Nothing else is really popping out to me as important to say right now, but yeah the time is just rolling by. I hopefully will find time much sooner for my next post.