Thursday, September 1, 2011

How great is our God!

well, it's just about 1 am and I am not even close to being a position of going to bed. Normally that would really irritate me but I don't care at all right now. Wanna know why? Well you will have to take the plunge.
So it's technically Thursday right now and yeah I will go with that. Tomorrow begins something that I have been praying into for the last month. We are calling it "The Furnace." The vision for it has been to replace and modify the once monthly, at best, prayer nights that we had last year. From Friday evening through Sunday night it will service as a place to just soak in the Presence and encounter the fire of the Spirit. I have been praying into very fervently over the last couple hours and really just want God to orchestrate all the fine details. I have been proactive in contacting people to help and to pray into it but I am leaving as much space for God to work as I can because He won't get it wrong.
The thing that really has me floored right now are a couple details that I was unaware of up til now and just how God has been putting this together. Last year I was in charge of the Oasis, the student union room, so I tried to open it when I could and do different events. Well participation was meager, at best, but one of my classmates helped me significantly. There came a time when the school was talking about moving locations of the Oasis to the main school building. Well, as a kick-in-the-pants kind of jump start she emailed certain members of the administration, detailing why it needed to happen and it worked.
I was very hesitant to take responsibility of the Oasis this year but in my spirit I felt that I should. Once I committed in my heart to do it again God gave me the idea for The Furnace and for The Garden, which is a time of prayer and devotion to God from 6 - 7:30 AM.
But getting back to the present, there was a two fold revelation of how in control God is. First, my sophomore group was talking about a few different ideas of things we could do together to grow in God.  Well it was agreed upon that after a time of following God in His leading we would take the thing that we were doing before the administration so that it could become more inclusive and so we could come under their covering. Well the result of our discussion was that we should just go after things which are already happening, which I am technically in charge of so yeah that was encouraging. Check this out though, I checked my email out like 40 minutes ago and had an email from Carol Freeman, the dean of women. She had gotten an email from Jason Hache, the school registrar and there was also an email from Dan Brokke, the president of the entire international organization and they were all so excited about these pursuits of God in prayer.
That's not even all though, in the email from Carol, she said that the room where the Oasis is now used to be a prayer and fellowship room. Ok, that's cool but it gets better, at the time when the mentoring department was just being formed one of our adjunct teachers, named Nita was doing a prayer time in the mornings in that room. So, just to clarify for anybody who is a little confused, the last time that that room was being consecrated for prayer, one of the most shaping elements of this program was being birthed. I'm sorry but that's no coincidence!
I don't know what will come out of The Furnace and The Garden but if history is repeating itself only more passionately then it's going to blow me up, maybe literally! And all this can be traced back to one email sent out to the administration. No act is too small to change the world, believe it!