Sunday, August 7, 2011

quirks/pet peeves

I detest gum. I am not much of a country boy but too often it just looks like people are cows as they chew it and then when they snap it and blow bubbles, there is just no way to look intelligent chewing gum. Gah.
I like sleeping in as dark of a room as possible with as little noise as possible.
I strongly dislike talking on the phone. When I have to I always put it on speaker and generally, when a conversation goes for longer than 5 minutes I begin to zone out.
I dislike receiving picture messages because I can never access them.
I dislike people who are smart but act stupid.
I email when I have to, but it's not my favorite form of comm either.
I have a freakish ability tolerate hot and cold. Examples, it will be 85/90 and humid and I was have the windows closed with no A/C. It's blizzarding in the middle of Feb and I walking around outside in a cut off, shorts and flip-flops.
I have an infatuation with cheese