Sunday, September 25, 2011

funny work of being humbled

So a funny thing has been happening lately - my stuff just kind of keeps disappearing. Now in certain circumstances I would claim theft, not here though and not these items. I'll explain more after the jump.
I guess it officially started a few months ago, round about July, a book I had been reading completely disappeared. I didn't think a lot of it, I am kind of absent minded sometimes but did find it irritating that I couldn't find it, though I looked around my room multiple times. Then about two weeks ago my meal card disappeared for all of one day. Again, nothing super crazy or random but odd because the next day I found them in a pair of pants which I had checked multiple times the day before.
A few days later, the friday night before I took my brother to the airport, I happened to glance up in my closet and saw a book underneath my settlers of catan box. I had never seen it there before and still have no idea how it got there but it was the book that disappeared back in July. Then a couple days after that my meal card again disappeared. This time I couldn't find it for a couple days even though I looked everywhere for it. Then I just happened to pick up my toothpaste and there it was.
I had already been getting the sense that God was kind of playing these tricks on me so that I would be forced to humble myself and depend on other people. Then came this weekend.
I couldn't find my key card which gives me weekend and after hours access to the buildings here. So when I wanted to get in somewhere I would have to wait for someone to show up who had a card. I don't have the pressing time schedule so it wasn't a big deal but definitely kind of annoying.
Then tonight some people wanted to play volleyball and the gym has key card access, so I had to wait to get in. While I waited I did some reading and just hung out with Jesus. It was a really good time and yeah made me kind of glad that I couldn't get in. Once I finally got into the gym I was walking around and reached my hand into my left pocket and there was my key card. All I could do was laugh because really God is so cool like that.
I'm sure that there are very natural reasons for all these things happening, but I prefer to look at what God is doing and trying to say through every event. I wouldn't say it's very humbling to have any of these individual things happen, but pride is a tricky thing to master. Luckily, God is very good at doing the work of humbling and it can be fun if viewed in the right light.