Thursday, September 9, 2010

truth for truth

So in class we have been talking about some realities of church life today. Going through the difference of what is essential and what is just beneficial. It kind of became clear to me today through a strange occurrence. I am still very new to my Practical Training (PT) assignment, I take sections of books that have just come off the printer and bundle them so they can be taken to the bindery. Anyways, I have been at it for a few days and have pretty well gotten the hang of it, kind of hard not to - very constant and very repetitive. But the print operate that I was working with seemed to have a slight issue with my form, that I was doing more things by hand than with the available tools. To appease him I started using the tools, at no point did I change anything in the way that I was doing it, just how it looked to him as he was watching me. For the rest of the shift he didn't make any comments to me about thing related to my form.
But it got me thinking, it was sort of a parallel to the way we are in the church. We get so used to how things look and work that anything that appears different must be changed. I am not condemning the guy, because he knows more than me and has been doing this for a long time, but we must not get hung up on the form of things in our lives, but more importantly the result. My results didn't change in the least before and after he said something to me. In the same way really, if there is effective work going on in our church fellowships we should be able to say amen, despite any misgiving we may have concerning the form of things.