Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Answered Prayers

So by way of an explaination, if it is needed, God has been answering so many of my prayers these days and I thought I should make a post chronicling them.

I have already mentioned in another post about the equipping of armor that God performed on me. It became more clear to me a few days ago when I came into a more clear understanding of the nature of spiritual warfare in my life.

But last night is the real reason that I am starting this post. Let me just go back one week, it was the first day of UofM outreach. We toured a portion of the campus, then returned to the campus church and spent some time in prayer. During that prayer I heard God tell me that he was going to take my photography to a new level. I didn't know what to do with that or how to approach it. Well if there is one thing I have sort of learned here so far, it is that when I don't know, just don't worry about it. So I didn't even really think about it all week. So last night we were talking through ideas of outreach and I was sort of just listening. I thought I could do any of the things that were being discussed, but none of them would have been the best fit.
So I went up to talk to John after the majority of the meeting was over. He asked me what I was interested in, I answered with the things I am most passionate about - Photography, sports, music, cooking. After a few minutes of talking to some other guys he had me come over and told me about a small group of photographers that he was connected with. He said he would talk to them and see what would come. This is by no means a conclusion of the story, but with me doing absolutely nothing God is taking care of it. I'm pretty stoked by that equation!

Last night I was on the lake shore at Camp Jim and was praying. I asked God where I was lacking, what areas of my life are not in alignment with His ways. His answer was simple but so profound. He said that "You are sufficient, lacking nothing. You are my son. I love you!" Such a simple answer, so profound and so much there for me to hang onto.