Friday, May 13, 2016

Mirror Theory

There aren't many people who don't know what a mirror is. For the sake of the ignorant, it's a piece of glass specially made to reflect back what is in front of it. Some of the best times in my life happened when I was just living and didn't have a mirror to look in. It became a lot easier to not even think about presentation. Kind of like the millennia in which people lived.

But that's not what I've been thinking about today and recently, but I'll get to it after.

I've been thinking about the mirror that is every person. I first consciously starting seeing people as a mirror to myself during my last job. I saw some of my self in the kids that I worked with. I regarded it positively since it helped me see things in a way that I hadn't before and thus grow from it. But that job's done and behind me yet I continue to see things of myself in others that I interact with regularly, specifically some of my coworkers.

I see an untenable temperament. A perspective on things that is often flat out annoying. A life that is barely productive when one considers the scope of possibilities that are often before us.

I see these things and others in people that are at least twice my age yet incapable of dealing with even minor issues. The fact that I can take things in stride better is a benefit gained from my previous employment yet leaves in a curious spot. Because I still see characteristics that are a part of myself. Since I see them it's possible and likely that I will make adjustments to them as quickly and thoroughly as I can but have to wonder the whole time about losing myself.

In an odd way I cherish the fire that's inside myself. The "won't take BS" that's in my bones, in my very fiber because it's been as beneficial for me through life as anything that is within. Yet it has to be kept in balance. Maybe that's the point, I see things of myself in others so that I don't become the negative.

But it's just a theory. I don't know how long it would take to prove it out as more then that but I have a feeling that as life continues on I'll continue to see things in others. That the other people who I'm around often will continue to be a mirror for me so that I can continue to progress and improve. To what end, I have no idea but hopefully God has a purpose in it. Could be just for me, hopefully it's for something grander than that.

Maybe I'll have the answer to that some day, until then I'll just keep looking into the mirrors to make adjustments and living when I choose to not look or can go without seeing the reflections for a while. Both times have pros and cons, just like everything else but the times of just living can be oh so much more enjoyable!