Sunday, May 8, 2016

Haiti. Maybe

Over 6 years, 6 different residences, the birth of all my nieces & nephew I've had a single, seemingly endless goal. Finish my degree from Bethany College. In the time it's taken for some to finish Bachelors and Masters programs I've had to slog for an Associates degree.

There's no question that some of the delays in the process have been my fault. Some, possibly more of the issues have come as a result of the people that I've had to deal with. Over the last 4 years there have been 7 different trips that I've tried to join. One was successful, the rest were not, which is slightly over 14 percent. That's kind of a terrible percentage but means I'm 50% of the way to finishing the remaining requirements. Through it all I've remained diligent and have kept working to try to finish it out.

Since Jan 1 alone there have been three different location teams I've tried to join. The first was Paraguay then some time before the end of the March that opportunity evaporated without a word. So I figured out another option - Honduras. This team is all set to go but because of the timing of my finding out that I had to figure out a substitute and the amount of time that it took for the school to process some forms I didn't think that I would be able to make that work with my job and being able to get a visa and everything else which would be required.

So door #3 then. After, as always.
In August there's a trip headed to Port - Au - Prince, Haiti that I'm trying to make happen. It's no more ideal timing then the trip to Honduras but at least there's enough time to get everything done and organized.

You see, over the last year I've had the cloud of money hanging over the process. Not needing money, but the fact that in September all the donations I received will no longer be earmarked for me. So while I'd rather have an option in July, or better yet I would like to already be done but neither of this things are possible. So I'm taking what there is...or at least what there could be and running with it.

Make no mistake, it's still very much a could be. I was told a couple weeks ago that the team is short of the requisite number to go. I checked with my contact on Friday but only got an out of office auto reply email so I don't know if there is any change right now. In the mean time I've made contact with some people in the hopes of recruiting people for the team to cover the short fall.

I want to be done with the school and everything that it represents to me so this is the means to that end. An opportunity to make a difference, but to finally just be done. After all the failed attempts I won't pretend to be sure that it's going to happen but it may and if it does, it'll be to Haiti. So maybe, hopefully but maybe not, which case I don't know how I would proceed with it. I've been so close for years but I just can't cross the finish line.

If it gets locked in or if it once again falls apart I'll throw the news up on here and keep going in life but I won't pretend to have clarity on things beyond those possibilities right now.  So maybe or maybe not, but Haiti maybe the last option.