Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Chapter 1.?

When I started this blog, back in September 2010, it was mostly about what was going on with me on the regular in school then it morphed and became about internship primarily. Well then my life kinda flipped and I had a lot less to write about and really didn't feel like writing about my life. Well in recent months it became about what I was seeing and thinking about, again. Kinda went full circle on that and I think the circle or cycle to be more accurate is continuing on.
Post jump it's going to be a short post, I think, but since I like to keep track of reading numbers I'm going to go with anyway.
Well as I said, the cycle is going again. I definitely am not going to be having a main focus on a fundraising and missions objective but there will be some more posts related to that.
No I'm not back in school.
And no, I'm not even raising money again.
Thanks to the generosity of so many people I don't to go through that again for the foreseeable future.
But I've just completed what I consider to the the first steps of finishing the process that I started those years ago. A first chapter if you will, of the latest and last book in a series that has lasted a lot longer then I thought it would and will be glad to finally put a stamp on.
A few months ago I received notice that my window of eligibility with school was coming to a close. I wasn't being expelled or anything, just had reached the end of the prescribed time table. It was the first time I had heard of it so it was stressful and annoying that I was still kind of being jerked around but I've gotten quite used to poor communication in organizations so I rolled with it. So I had to reapply, again, to finish up my school program. A process which I just concluded in the last week. Mostly because I was being cheap about paying the app fee but I finally bit the bullet and got it done. Simultaneously, I had to reapply for my passport which was a little bit of a headache figuring out the right paperwork and getting a picture that I didn't look terrible in. Yeah, vanity, I know, even though I look like a Lord of the Rings dwarf. Anyways, I finally got that sent off a couple weeks  ago and to my surprise have already received it.
So as long as the application goes the way I expect and it should, since I only had to reapply on a technicality, I've got what I think is the first chapter  of the latest book wrapped up.
As soon as I'm officially back and have gotten a spot to go locked in I'll do another update but until then that's all I've got!
Merry Christmas