Friday, December 21, 2012

What's the point?

While I was working on Wednesday a thought occurred to me, that one can serve God, yet not know Him. This may be borrowing or repeating things I've written in the past, I can't distinctly remember at this moment.
This particular thought was built off of something I saw & heard. By way of introductions I hope & don't want this to be read as a rip job of a particular denomination.
A priest was looking to use an upgrade on his phone when a woman, apparently, rudely interrupted & commanded the attention of the person that was helping the priest. Bothersome to be sure but far from unheard of. Well while she was being assisted I came over & checked with the priest. His response was that he was too bothered by the interruption to receive any help. So he deferred to another couple who were waiting.
After I finished answering their questions I checked back with the priest. He was still too upset by the interruption to let me help him. Being young (ambitious) & having the education that I have I thought of saying something to him but refrained. But I still think something needs to be said about it.
So I admit that I am making a big jump from a guy having a temper tantrum to not knowing God. BUT let me build my case.
Pretty much everyone that I have heard from over the last few years has told me that every christian has the Holy Spirit. I'm not going to make this a debate about the different perspectives that people have about what that actually means, but I've heard it stated from people of multiple perspectives so I'll run with it.
There is a distinct list of fruits that come from the work of the Spirit in a person; if you're reading this you probably know them but I'll list em anyway: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness,  Faithfulness, Gentleness & Self-Control.
If we all the people with anger problems were lined up, well it would be most people in the world. We are a selfish bunch, this human race of ours so when we don't get our way we react.
And certainly it takes time for these tendencies to be broken, but they need to be. If the Spirit is active in a persons life & as I stated & believe, every Christian has the Spirit working & there will be progress in us. It's possible that God is doing other things in that man's life, I'm sure He is cause He is always at work, but for a man serving God, that's a terrible example.
I know that it's not about how it looks to others, but the Bible is pretty clear that the world will know us by our LOVE. The first characteristic of Love is Patience, Love is Kind, Not self - seeking. I'm bad at it. So don't get bent out of shape like I think I have it mastered cause I don't.
But when I see a guy who comes in wearing his priestly garb and reacting that way it just makes me sad. Cause I'm getting to know the people I work with & most of them don't want anything to do with "religion" - God.
If we claim to know God, there needs to be a difference in us. How we react, speak, think - live. Not by our own strength trying to put on a good show. But living in pursuit of God, accepting all the pain, discomfort & reward that comes from His transforming work. Letting people see the difference in the small ways, the ways that matter, that ways that are common.
It's scary, that there is always a pressure in live to perform. But it's not our burden to carry, not completely our responsibility to show people what God is doing, just let them see it. See that you know God. If they don't, if all they see is the religious dressing on a normal person then what's the point? There's a difference, there needs to be.