Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Being a contrarian #1

I was going to just Tweet this out but I think that isn't the right form for this just because of the short form that is designed for. Anyway, I was thinking tonight about life & mistakes & pain. Now more then ever I get that stuff happens in life. It just does. No one & nothing today is to blame for diseases & natural disasters but those things still happen.
When they do, the result is often deep scarring. Well intentioned people want those scars to be taken away because then life would be easier but in line with my contradictory way I see it somewhat differently.

Don't read the next part as if I'm a masochist because the painful parts of life suck. I don't want em to happen but they do so face facts & move on!
It may take weeks, months or years to heal from a wound. In the same way as the physical these wounds leave scars. Noticeable & permanent. Reminders of specific events in the past & that's why they're good.
For the most part scars don't leave any lasting pain though the wounding may result in severe damage which would. As far as I know right now the wounds are surface level have haven't done any pain inducing damage. Maybe they can. I hope I don't have to find out...
anyway, the scars are reminders of the things that happen. Memories can recreate & ignite pain in thought but in my estimation that means the healing process is incomplete.
Once a wound is fully healed it can & should serve as a valuable reminder of the past for the future.
Don't hide your scars.
Don't pretend like you've never been hurt
But embrace the fact that you survived & can proclaim lessons learned
For every warrior, wanderer & worker has been hurt but the ones who press on to the highest points are the ones who don't let the wounds & scars stop them permanently.
It's contrary to some opinions I've heard, but I think it's right. As my favorite radio show host would say, your thoughts?

More thoughts 2/20/13
I thought more about this yesterday & can't get away from the parallel with physical wounding. Many people who live get harmed in a way that permenantly & drastically change their lives (think soldiers, gang bangers, emergency services). The choice that has to be made when someone looses a leg, hand, arm, gets parallized, or blinded, what have you, they have to adjust to the new way to live or quit on life. It's no different in the non-physical metaphor.
Maybe you "stepped on a land mine"or "had to settle a score" or just got caught in the crossfire of opponents with no intent or ill will. Whatever it be, your life has changed forever.
Don't want to beat a dead horse but we tend to disengage the physical & non-physical when there are a lot of parallels & similarities to how it goes in the post damage process.