Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's God doing? & What God is doing!

So I mentioned in my last posting I was recently in Colorado for my brothers wedding. Also, as I have mentioned a few times here I work at Wal - Mart. Also, the most obvious of the three, I love God and am living to see people in relationship with Him.
How do those things tie together? Well, God knows the full story but I will share the small piece that I am aware of right now! Just take the jump and enjoy
I boarded the flight to Denver during the afternoon of July 4. I'm not particularly a fan of flying. Getting crammed into a small space with uncomfortable seats while breathing in this recycled air that just doesn't feel right isn't all together pleasant for me or hopefully anyone. Anyway, I continue.
I had been praying for open space next to me so that I could do work on my latest newsletter and on thank you cards for donors. God answered the prayer, sort of. He gave me an aisle seat. So like I asked for there was no one sitting next to me, on one side. it gave me a little bit of a chuckle as I was settling in.
It was a short flight so I just decided to get some work done and watch part of a movie. Well, with about 30 minutes left in the flight I had a prick in my conscience. Not about anything I was doing that would be sinful, but to pray for the guy sitting next to me. I went through my normal process to determine whether it was the Lord or my flesh or the enemy. I wasn't super excited about the idea so flesh got checked off real quick and the enemy doesn't want God's people to pray so I thought that wouldn't be the case. So I turned to the guy & started making some small talk.
After a few minutes of chatting I found out that he was from Somalia. I found that to be very exciting considering I would be going to Kenya in 2 months. So I kept the small talk going, and found that he was in the cities visiting his daughter. That's not an unheard of thing to happen but it sparked my attention for reasons I don't know except that God wanted it to.
I turned to the gentlemen and gave him a closer look and started asking more specific questions. It turns out that one day while he was shopping he came into the electronics area at Wal - Mart and I had helped him with some questions.
I'm not believer in coincidence but that threw out all doubt from my mind. I knew I had to prayer for him but didn't know what would come after that, if anything. So I asked him if I could pray for him. I made it clear I would be praying to Jesus. He said yes. So I did. I was hoping something would come from it, like an outburst of the Holy Ghost or a prophetic word or a salvation but nothing did. I wasn't disappointed about it though & I would say that God helped me with that. He's been on my mind a few times over the last couple weeks and I am continuing to pray for him & many of the other Somali Muslim's that I encounter regularly around here.
Getting off the plane I was so convinced that this was God's way of ramping up my preparation for Kenya. Giving me a heart for those people but then the news came the next morning about not going. I know God's heart is for them and continue to pray despite the news I received.
It has left me with the questatement from the title. What's God doing? but being about able to share what God is doing!