Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pre - Thanksgiving Retreat

So I am going to begin this post with a shameless plug for the place we went. It's the wilderness retreat center and is run by wilderness fellowship ministries. That is there website. It was a really good place to just get away for a little while. They had four cabins for group use and also had prayer cabins for more private time. It was rustic but really beautiful! I would very much recommend it for a short retreat. One of the most remarkable parts was that they run through free will donation, crazy right?! They don't force anyone to pay but just expect that the Lord will provide and for the last 40+ years He has.

Anyways, now for the rest of my post!
Last year we did the King's Banquet as our pre - Thanksgiving outreach but this year the outreach team wanted to do something a little bit different. So they took us away to WRC. It is located about a two hours from here, in Wisconsin.
I didn't know exactly what to expect but was looking forward to some quiet/alone time. We got there around 1 and after an introductory time were given the afternoon to do as we pleased.
I took my stuff to my cabin and as soon as I could just went off into the woods by myself. I didn't know where I was going but I took my Bible and started walking. After about 15 minutes I came across an old tree stand that wasn't in a tree. So I decided to haul up in it for a while and just read/pray. I have no idea how long I was actually out there, but I think it was around an hour and a half. I read through Ephesians a couple times and just enjoyed the silence of the forest.
There were a few things that really stuck out to me from my reading and I am still processing through them. A couple other things I read I was able to put into quick use later in the day.
Well I started to feel the effects of the cold and decided to go back to the main meeting area. Most of the people were playing charades, but not competitively so I didn't join in. Instead I went upstairs and talked to one of the girls for a while.
I spent most of the evening just enjoying a solitary time outside the city but there was a gathering time after dinner. It was mostly about just praying for each other. I felt like I should say something, but didn't know what to say until I cracked open my Bible. I got permission to share and read about the armor of God. Then I had everybody pair up and pray over each other about it.
I got prayed for by one of the other Sophomore guys and I ended up praying over one of the Sophomore guys. It was cool because as I was praying he got a picture that really encouraged me. It was of him holding a wooden sword and shield which were taken away and replaced with a real sword and shield.
After all that wrapped up a bunch of people did night sledding. I wandered around for a while but then joined in. It was a pretty fun time but it wore me out, so I decided to go to sleep early, around 9:30.
It definitely wasn't the best night of sleep I have ever gotten but it was sufficient. It's tough to sleep when there was as much noise being made as was made periodically throughout the night. Most from when we had to restoke the fire in the fireplace, yep a fireplace heated the building.
So I woke up early and got all my stuff together, went up to the main building and had breakfast. It took a while for everybody to wake up but we got on the road shortly after 9.
It was a quick trip, but I will probably go again in the future.

One of my friends took a bunch of pictures and since I wasn't able to I am linking his album on here.