Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An exciting time, part two!

So I wanted to get this post out much earlier, but it has been a busy time and I've just had a hard time getting my thoughts straight and having a solid block of time to write them out. Well I am just going to go with it, because the longer I wait the less I will be able to remember.
The highlight of the last few weeks is that I was approved to go on internship. I got my team assignment and found out where I am going.

Well on the night of Thursday, October 27 each us received the confirmation that we were accepted into the Global Internship program. It wasn't a big surprise but it was good news and was the first indication that I am going to be a missionary. It's easy to talk about it, but with that acceptance letter it started getting real.
Fast forward another week and last Thursday we got our team assignment letters. This grouping is far from official just because of how much shifting will go on over the next ten months but man it's cool to know where I will be going. I got my first choice and was put on the Kenya team. At this time there are 10 people in the team, 4 guys and 6 ladies.
Will they all go over to Kenya? Probably not. Between funding raising issues, the directing of the Lord and any number of other external factors people switch locations and/or defer for a year+.
The nature of how God changed my heart in regard to going to Kenya is all the evidence I need for me to go after it. Pair that with the fact that I genuinely love everybody that is in my team and it's a no brainer. Obviously there are things that go on beyond my control but those are beyond my control but not God's so I'm not worried about them.
Now is the time to spread the news around and begin rolling the ball of raising money. Based on testimonies that I have heard I really am not worried about the money coming in but it has to come in. Enough about that though.
I am officially a missionary for Bethany International. I marvel that I can say that and really at how I got to this point but the credit goes to God. He's done it and as with all things that He does, it's good!