Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The last couple months

So, I have been far from consistent in my posting over the last couple months. Something that I have really been making a priority is emphasis on prayer and reading. I am still not sure what God is trying to do through all the opportunities that I have had especially in the area of prayer, but He is faithful and will make it known eventually. Let me just start from the beginning.

A few weeks ago one of the young woman here approached me about being part of a group of people to pray and fast for one day every two weeks. The purpose was to try and keep in communion with the Spirit and keep the student body expecting the moves of God. I didn't really have to think about it before I said that I would. A few days after that, said woman of God came to me and asked me if I would be willing to kind of head up the group. Again, it didn't take too much thought for me to agree to it. I had already been thinking of ways to make it more corporate than individual and that kind of opened the door for me to go in the direction that I was thinking about. So over the last couple of weeks I have been taking more time to pray for the students of the school and just spending time with Jesus.
Also, during our ministry half week, I decided to be the intercessor of the group. A couple others joined me for some of the time, but during all our chapels I was in prayer chapel just seeking God on behalf of the group and residents. It was definitely a spiritually wearying experience, but that has actually pushed me to want to pray more and longer.
It has also been shown to me just how much power is available to us through faith-filled prayers. The truth of the authority that comes through being a Christian has become much more clear to me, though I struggle mightily in walking out that authority. 
Now I am a couple days from Spring Break and am looking at doing two more fasts to break down more of the idols that are in my heart. I will be capping break with a couple of days at IHOP in Kansas City. 
If you read this blog and aren't aware of it by now, well I am a firm believer that things don't have by accident - no coincidences. I have no idea why all these prayer related things are coming at me these days but I know it is for a higher purpose and for His glory alone.