Monday, November 29, 2010

A different kind of outreach

So it's late November right now which predictably means less than desirable weather, but its been raining all day. Not exactly what I would call expected or appreciated...but at least my car is a little cleaner. Anyways, because of that, it was determined to be too dangerous to drive to the U tonight. Instead we had a group meeting about experiences over the last few weeks which lead into an Uber sweet time of interceding and ministering to each other. I just left a couple minutes ago but it is very likely still going. I wanted to record a couple of things that were prayed over me.
Drenched in oil, splattering it all over the place - gonna set the world on fire
Mighty man of valor/birth of a man
in need of no other lovers
belly is the wellspring of the oil
A new path
Confirmation that the shave/hair cut have brought a new season
sonship - Ephesians 1
My being at bethany was not an accident, He brought me here and wants me here
peace - no more striving
to stop wandering, stop searching just rest in the Lord
stop looking for explainations and words to say, just let God speak.