Saturday, March 5, 2016

2 month review

I've never gone this route with a post before but it's been a pretty eventful 2 months for me so I figured doing something new was a great way to approach it.

Well here goes!
As the calendar turned to 2016 I was question the point of somethings I was doing. Namely among them was the work I was doing. As difficult of a job as it was I should have recognized that questioning the point of it as a sign of needing a change. I was even feeling the itch for changes but just didn't get far enough to identify that employment change would be beneficial until after the new year started, several weeks after writing about the questioning.

Well in mid January the light finally dawned that I need to make the change. Once the realization happened it took all of one day for me to be fine with it. Well when it comes to switching jobs there's a small issue of having to find a new opportunity.
Instead of going with my normal MO of looking at listings and hoping something would come up I went to a job placement agency. There was one option that stuck out to me right away. It's not as glamorous or respectable sounding as working with troubled kids but it was appealing the none the less. The reason for the appeal is still lost to me but I decided to take the steps necessary to get the job.
Well after filling out the application I went through a pre interview with the agencies person that I was working with. A day or two later I had an interview with the operations people at the establishment. A couple days after that, a day before going to the Twin Cities for a family weekend in fact, I got the call that they wanted to offer me the position. So after getting back home I went in and made it official. So within two weeks of knowing that it was time for a job change, the change happened. Now instead of dealing with the myriad of things that I did over the last 2+ years I just do what is needed doing at the museum. Well enough playing around, my new job is doing general maintenance at a local art museum and event center. So a lot of cleaning but also setting up for events and just taking care of things at the museum.

That's far and away the most significant thing that has happened in this young year but is not the most enjoyable thing.

That honor would be given with certainty to the aforementioned weekend spent in the Minnesota metro. If you aren't aware, I'm a sports fan in a family full of sports fans so having family time is typically enjoyable but then add in the fact that it happened over Super Bowl weekend ratcheted it up because opportunities like that just don't get to happen too often any more. And as if that isn't enough, I got to meet my youngest niece so it was absolutely the best weekend I've had yet this year

But added together that's still a pretty small sample size of the last 2 months. Well it's also not all that has gone on for me. For months now, I think around 6 I've made a pretty concerted effort to find an upgraded ride. There have been a bunch of vehicles over that time that I consider, for however briefly, but none of them were the one. I've had the good fortune of knowing pretty quickly that a car is the right one before buying it. Unfortunately those previous couple of vehicles have endured various levels of damage so it was time to find an upgrade yet I couldn't find the next one that I just had to have. Until a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I couldn't move on it as quickly as possible because I had to prioritize finding a new job before spending the requisite $. Well then the job switch happened but I had to make sure it was a good fit. So delays happened until last week. I finally felt good about going to see it up close, unfortunately someone had made an offer on it early the same day.
I was like, after weeks, really! Same day. dumb! That was the one. I just felt it but someone made an offer the same day. so annoying! Well, as it happened the seller said I would get priority if I paid for an inspection so I moved on it right away. Next day I heard back from the auto shop about what they found and I called the seller to make my own offer. Well, the seller had told the other interested party that if his offer was the best he would get the vehicle. It was a little higher then I wanted to pay but losing the car I wanted over the difference in amount wasn't an option, so I matched and now it's mine.
Could I have saved money if the timing had gone differently? Probably but the timing didn't happen that way and there was a cost that. Without a doubt there will be a myriad of times in my life where the things that happen don't happen at the best time and there will be a cost as a result. But sticking with it, thinking it through and choosing to act can make the cost worth paying. Just a little life lesson from getting my new whip.
So there it is, 3 highlights of 2 months. Makes me excited for what the next 10 will bring!