Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vision check

So yesterday at lunch something clicked in me, that I have been walking such an astounding lack of faith. It's something I had identified to a certain degree at an earlier time, but it meant much more this time. The circumstances leading to this revelation was that we had been talking about the great faith of some of the Biblical fathers. This particularly was related to trusting that what God says are the most sound promises that can ever be.Particularly, there are three circumstances that God has spoken into but that I hadn't been walking in faith in. They are: my rotten tooth, my internship and my future marriage. 
God has told me that He will heal my tooth. God has made it clear that I am supposed to go on internship. As I've continued to pray He's been pretty clear that singleness isn't for me.
Specifically with internship and my marriage I have had a bad view. I've been getting donations and am somewhere over $4000 but had the thought that until I had it all in I really didn't have anything. Also, because I'm not close to marriage I've had a very American view of singleness and dating. 
Going forward in those things I had been taking a very earthly perspective. In each situation I have been approaching it that until it happened I am in my current state of existence. Well yesterday we were talking about Abraham when he received the promise of Isaac and though he was as dead the promise, the word of God came to pass.
I really had to check my vision on those three issues. My tooth still hurts but God's word is true and I'm taking the perspective that it's fine. Going forward in fundraising I know I'm going and whatever the number may be at I'm fully funded. Likewise, I'm married. I can't fathom many of the adjustments that I will make when that season comes but I'm starting to do what I can to prepare now. 
I've seen what God does through people of radical faith and I used to be that, I lost it for a while but it's coming back and it's good. Painful, but good.